Regain your time and scale your DPC clinic with predictability

Experience done-for-you Facebook Ads and appointment setting without the hassle

Acquire DPC patients with our Facebook Ads

We will scale your clinic by launching an unlimited number of meticulously crafted Facebook Ad campaigns from our extensive ad bank. We're not just delivering leads; we're connecting you with potential lifelong patients. Our team will seamlessly capture the attention your clinic needs to scale – all at an affordable cost & unprecedented reliability.

Step 1: Capture Attention

Automated appointments at your fingertips

Unleash the power of AI to chat with leads until they're ready to schedule a consultation, all under your control via our app. With PrimeCare-ai, you interact only with 'Ready To Buy' leads. Our AI assistant, equipped with your clinic's knowledge base and FAQs, engages leads instantly, reducing the risk of disengagement. This translates to improved booking rates as leads are promptly attended to. Plus, you get immediate notifications on your phone as soon as a lead is ready to book, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Step 2: Secure Appointments

Scale with more patients, and less effort

Embrace scalability and save time with PrimeCare-ai. We revolutionize DPC clinic growth, offering AI's efficiency without the high costs of traditional marketing or the impersonal approach of ad agencies. Experience optimized resource use, increased patient volume, and revenue growth. Choose PrimeCare-ai and propel your DPC clinic into a new era of growth today.

Step 3: Increase Revenue

Interested in working with us? Here's what it looks like.

Start your free trial by booking in a set up call.

Schedule a call with us to get your system up and running. Our team is ready to assist you every step of the way, making the setup process seamless and straightforward. – click here now

Onboarding & same-day campaign launch

In our set up call, we will onboard your clinic and launch your ad campaign that same day. We will even set up your custom, tailored AI appointment setter.

Sit back and watch as your bookings come in.

Once you are onboarded and have your campaign launched, our AI appointment setter will take over. Just watch as your revenue and volume increase overnight – so click here and let’s start.

Meet the team.

Nick Vasilescu

- CEO, Head of Marketing

Ben Gorman

- AI Deployment Lead

Christian Kindel

- Head of Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly do I get to see results with your approach?

As soon as we decide to work together, we can launch your campaign that same day. It only takes 3 clicks to launch a campaign with our software, and we'll do this for you at the end of your strategy session call with us if you've already decided by then. Results – in the form of booked appointments – can appear the first day your ads run. Although we would expect it to take a few days before the specific set-up we’ve created for you finally beds in. 

From there, we refine your ads as results come in, looking for small improvements in order to increase overall results. That can take 3 – 4 weeks. But you’ll be getting appointments in the meantime – all automated by your custom-trained AI. We will be able to offload all of the work of lead-vetting, appointment booking, and even frequently asked questions – ensuring you increase your clinic's revenue with a fraction of added effort. You just need to be able to handle the increased appointments and payment orders before we begin your ad campaign.

Why do you use Facebook only? There are many ads platforms – why not diversify?

Different platforms work very differently for DPC clinics. Some are incredibly competitive and very expensive – Google ads, especially. Others barely work at all. 

We know this from experience.

But when it comes to finding exclusive leads for DPC we know exactly what works – and that’s Facebook. 

In terms of quality of leads and cost, Facebook has been the undisputed champion for appointment generation since 2017. 

And because we only use Facebook and we only work with DPC clinics… we’ve developed a lead generation expertise that is unbeatable.

By using Facebook's powerful audience tools we can pinpoint audiences in precisely-fine detail. 

Facebook makes this possible – if you really know how to use it. And being expert Facebook advertisers means we have helped hundreds of DPC clinics add millions of dollars to their combined annual revenues.

Until some other platform comes along that can outdo Facebook, we’re going to stick with it... It works!

Do you work with DPC clinics making less than $1 million a year in revenue?

We're in the business of success for all sizes - whether you're a small, medium or large DPC clinic, our PrimeCare-ai solutions are designed to boost your productivity and streamline your operations. Our expertise extends beyond marketing; we're your partner in growth, nurturing leads generated via our AI custom-trained chatbots, converting them into confirmed appointments, and ensuring your clinic can handle the uptick in patient demand.

Every clinic can benefit from the time and cost efficiencies our services provide. For smaller clinics, we offer support as you navigate an increase in business, while larger clinics, with robust processes and teams already in place, will find our solutions expand and enhance their existing practices.

We will maximize your potential, and we are here for every step of that journey.

Do I have to qualify before I can work with you?

Yes... and by qualify, we really just mean that we want you to be ready...

Our experience shows that DPC clinics at varying levels of growth handle lead influx differently.

Smaller clinics often grapple with managing the surge of leads and booked appointments we help generate. This can lead to a temporary pause in their campaigns, to recalibrate and adjust to the increased demand, implying a hiatus in our services, which isn't beneficial for either party.

On the other hand, larger clinics with annual revenues between $1 to $100+ million are generally better equipped. They've established effective processes and have a dedicated team in place, enabling them to simply scale up their existing operations to manage the influx of leads.

We ensure your success, which is directly tied to ours. That's why we strive to ensure that the DPC clinics we work with are prepared for growth. This is not to say we don't cater to smaller clinics - we certainly do! But we want to ensure all our clients, irrespective of their size, are ready to handle and capitalize on the benefits of our AI solutions.

What does the free trial from PrimeCare-ai include and how does it work?

Our free trial is specially designed to demonstrate the power of AI in helping DPC clinics scale effortlessly. The best part is, the trial doesn't end until you book your first appointment, allowing you to fully experience the benefits of our services.

Here's what the free trial includes:

Unlimited Facebook Ad Launches: You'll have access to unlimited Facebook ad launches from our comprehensive ad bank. We tailor these ads to effectively reach and engage your target audience.

AI Appointment Setting: Our AI assistant will engage with leads, answering their queries based on your clinic's knowledge base and FAQs. It will handle conversations until leads are ready to book a consultation, which optimizes your time and effort.

Direct Access to 'Ready To Buy' Leads: The AI system ensures you only deal with leads who are ready to book, reducing time spent on leads that are not yet ready to convert.

Instant Notifications for New Bookings: You will receive immediate notifications on your phone as soon as a lead is ready to book an appointment. This allows you to take timely action and ensure no opportunity slips through the cracks.

After the free trial, should you decide to continue with our services, the cost is only $297/month. This cost includes all the features experienced during the trial and more, all tailored to help your DPC clinic grow and scale efficiently.

To start your free trial, simply book a slot with us. We're excited for you to experience the transformative power of PrimeCare-ai in enhancing your DPC clinic's operations.

Your free trial doesn't end until you book your first appointment. Simple as that.

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